Company profile

Based in Charlottetown, the Insurance Company of Prince Edward Island (ICPEI) offers market-leading home, auto and commercial insurance solutions. Our products are sold exclusively through a network of brokers across all three Maritime Provinces, Quebec and Ontario.

Our story began when the company was formed by industry-veteran Charlie Cooke in 1987. Since then, ICPEI has established a longstanding record of underwriting profitability, rooted in our disciplined approach to risk selection. Today, ICPEI has grown into the largest auto and home insurer headquartered in the Maritimes, and we continue to take pride in tailoring affordable insurance solutions for Canadian families and businesses.

Owned by ICPEI Holdings Inc., ICPEI is a member of the Property & Casualty Insurance Compensation Corporation which protects policyholders from insolvent insurers, the Facility Association of Canada and the Insurance Bureau of Canada.