Commercial Coverages

ICPEI offers a range of coverages to protect the business that you’ve worked hard to build. Your broker will help you to select the best coverage for your unique business.

Commercial Automobile

Flexible insurance coverage for your business vehicles and trailers at a competitive price. With ICPEI, a Commercial General Liability policy is not required to purchase our Commercial Automobile coverage. We also offer loss-of-use and guaranteed replacement cost coverage for vans and pick-up trucks.

Commercial Property

Protection for your business, including your building, contents, business interruption and many other perils experienced in today’s business environment from physical loss or damage.

Commercial Liability

In today’s society, protection is vital for your business in the event that your company is faced with a lawsuit. A Commercial General Liability policy offers protection in the event your business is found legally liable for injuries caused to persons, damage to property, including damage caused by your product, and cover for personal and advertising injury.

Boiler & Machinery

ICPEI offers varying levels of Boiler & Machinery coverage to protect your business from losses due to the breakdown or failure of your business equipment, such as:

  • A cracked boiler
  • A failed motor
  • Food spoilage due to your freezer’s electrical malfunction
  • A computer shorts out causing lost production

Three options are available, offering basic to market-leading coverage depending on your needs. Your broker can provide full details of which option is best for your business.

Business Interruption

Essential coverage for loss of income and employee wages in the event that an incident suspends your normal business activities. With business interruption coverage, you’ll have peace of mind that your business will be able to withstand an insured loss, such as fire or extensive water damage. ICPEI offers various Business Interruption coverages. Your broker will be able to help you decide what coverage is right for your business.

Data Compromise Coverage

At ICPEI, we understand that the digital climate is changing and a threat to your business can happen in an instant or at the click of a mouse. Data breaches can happen to any company, and not properly addressing them can result in the loss of customers, revenues and trust in your company. To help protect your businesses and reputation, ICPEI is pleased to now offer Data Compromise coverage to eligible commercial property owners. This coverage can help cover the cost of expenses that your business could be responsible for in the event of a privacy breach. For more information on this coverage, contact your broker today.