Office Pak

You’ve set up a profitable practice. You’re providing a needed service and your customers are happy, and you’re satisfied with the successful company you’ve built.

But whether you’re an accountant, a lawyer or a financial planner, your success also puts you at risk. Protect your business operations by adding an ICPEI Office Pak.

Policy Highlights

Comprehensive protection at a competitive price

Property: automatic protection for your building and everyday possessions at your business, including merchandise, basic equipment (like computers or photocopiers), signs and tenant improvements.

Loss of income: coverage for actual losses sustained if you’re unable to conduct business in your office due to an insured loss.

Liability: coverage starts at $1 million and protects you if you’re found legally responsible for property damage or injury to another person.

Crime: provides coverage for loss of money and securities, as well as employee or tenant dishonesty.

With our Office Pak, you can focus on providing quality customer service in a safe, secure office setting.

Your ICPEI broker will be able to confirm your eligibility for our Office Pak.