Report a claim

If you’re an existing ICPEI customer and have experienced a loss, you can report your claim to your broker.
Your broker will have the details of your insurance coverage on hand, and will record the details of your claim.

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Depending on what type of damage you’re reporting, there are different steps to follow when filing a claim.

Automobile Claims
Automobile Claims

Step 1 – Think safety first
Before exiting your vehicle, ensure that the accident scene is free of hazards, such as:

–  Poor visibility from fog or snow
–  Fallen power lines
–  Traffic or vehicles

Step 2: Report the accident if necessary
Under any of the following circumstances, your accident should be reported to the police.

–  the collision results in injury or death
–  there is a dispute in liability
–  the damage is the result of “hit and run”
–  a driver is impaired
–  the vehicles require towing from the scene

Step 3: Gather information
Once you’ve ensured that it’s safe to exit your vehicle, obtain the following information from any other drivers involved in the accident:

–  Name, address and contact details
–  Vehicle plate number
–  Insurance particulars

If any bystanders witnessed the accident, try to collect their names, addresses and phone numbers. If a police officer has attended the scene, obtain the police file number and officer’s name if possible.

Step 4: Report your claim
Contact your ICPEI insurance broker to report a claim.

Property Claims

Property Claims

Step 1: Think safety first

If the property is in any way unsafe, refrain from entering.

Step 2: Contact authorities if necessary

In the event of a property loss, it’s important to immediately contact those individuals necessary to prevent further loss such as:

–  The fire department in the case of a fire
–  Plumber in the case of water loss
–  Police in the event of theft or vandalism

Step 3: Prevent further damage or loss

If your property has been damaged, take steps as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

–  Covering broken windows
–  Securing broken doors
–  Relocating contents to avoid further damage

Taking these extra steps will not hinder the settlement of your claim.

Step 4: Leave the scene of the loss untouched

It is always good practice to photograph all damages, if possible. Don’t throw away any damaged property before your adjuster arrives. The adjuster needs to see all the damage, so he or she can make an accurate calculation of your loss. After the loss of your property or belongings has been assessed, your adjuster will advise you on how to get repairs completed and/or belongings replaced.

Step 5: Report your claim

Contact your ICPEI insurance broker to report a claim.