Personal Liability Umbrella

You earn a good wage. You own recreational vehicles, properties or watercraft.
You have a swimming pool or trampoline in your backyard. You like to travel abroad.
And you already carry insurance policies to cover them all for damage and to protect yourself if you’re sued. But what if that coverage isn’t enough?

Your lifestyle puts you at greater risk of being sued if someone is injured on your property, using your belongings or you damage their reputation.

ICPEI home and auto insurance policies provide great coverage for everyday risks.
A Personal Liability Umbrella policy provides additional, worldwide coverage to supplement your existing policies, and in some cases, fill gaps they don’t cover.


Coverage Highlights

Besides providing additional liability coverage (up to $5 million) when your home or auto insurance is maxed out or by filling gaps in those underlying policies, a liability umbrella gives you worldwide coverage for things you wouldn’t normally get with your existing policies, like:

Additional personal liability coverage: for bodily injury and property damage over underlying property, watercraft and automobile policies. Property you own in the U.S. is not eligible.

Personal injury coverage: includes libel, slander, defamation of character, invasion of privacy, false arrest, wrongful eviction, malicious prosecution and humiliation.

Non-profit coverage: for omissions of an individual acting as an officer or director of a non-profit organization.

Worldwide coverage: includes worldwide auto coverage, subject to a $1 million retained or self-insured limit.

No deductible: you only pay deductibles associated with underlying policies.

You’ve worked hard to get where you are and get what you’ve got – so protect it with personal liability umbrella coverage from ICPEI.

Note: U.S. property is not covered.


To be eligible, you must have existing ICPEI home and auto insurance policies with a minimum liability limit of $1 million.

Some occupations or professions carry with them an increased risk for personal injury claims. If you work in one of these professions you may be ineligible for umbrella coverage:

  • professional entertainers
  • broadcasters
  • television personalities
  • politicians
  • labour leaders
  • journalists
  • newspaper writers
  • editors
  • authors
  • professional athletes

Not sure if you’re eligible? Ask your ICPEI broker for details.


This product is available in these regions:

  • New Brunswick
  • Nova Scotia
  • Prince Edward Island