When you own a condominium, you have unique insurance needs.

Your condominium corporation may have an insurance policy to cover the property and common areas that are collectively owned by the unit owners, as well as the condominium structure itself. This policy, however, does not include coverage for your personal belongings, improvements that you make to your unit, or your personal liabilities.

An ICPEI Condominium policy provides the coverage that condominium owner’s need.

ICPEI Condo Manual – French

Policy Highlights

Comprehensive protection at a competitive price

  • Protection for your unit, belongings and personal liability in a single policy
  • Choice of packages and options tailored to meet your needs

Convenience and service you can count on

  • Choice of premium payment plans
  • Choice of deductibles
  • Prompt and convenient claim service
  • Protection backed by a Canadian insurer with over 20 years of experience

Options to extend or enhance your coverage

  • If you’re at greater risk of being sued, ICPEI’s umbrella liability policy can give you additional liability protection over and above your other policies
Premium Discounts
  • You insure both your home and automobile with ICPEI
  • You haven’t had a claim for three or more years
  • You have a good credit history
  • You are age 40 or older
  • You have an approved security system
  • Your unit is on or above the 3rd floor


Tools for your Protection
To help determine what amount of protection is right for you, your independent ICPEI broker may ask you to complete a Record of Your Personal Property worksheet. By reviewing this list with your broker, you can be sure to have enough protection to replace all your belongings in the event of a major loss.


This product is available in these regions:

  • New Brunswick
  • Nova Scotia
  • Prince Edward Island